Tien Shan International School is an international day school located in Almaty, Kazakhstan. We are a 
diverse body of 150 students, and we offer a high-quality, English-medium Christian education from Kindergarten through Grade 12.


To provide an excellent education in an environment that encourages a vibrant Christian life and witness.


To provide Christ-centered, quality, international, English-medium education of members’ school age children, in an affordable, cost-effective manner.

Core Values

  • Integrity – We choose to live and learn in a community defined and guided by truth.
  • Respect – We choose to value each individual as a whole person, including their position, differences, abilities, and perspectives.
  • Humor – We choose to have an attitude of joy, laughing now rather than later!
  • Community – We choose to learn together and serve one another in gratitude, within the school body and in the local and international communities around us.
  • Leadership – Taking Christ as our model, we choose to continually grow as leaders of our personal lives and in influence over those around us.

We use the Sycamore Education student information system to build and enhance our students' educational experiences. 


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