Every year, Tien Shan holds two major concerts by the orchestra and the choir. The Christmas concert is held near the Christmas break, and the Spring concert is held near the summer break. Students are encouraged to attend Almaty Honors Music Festival in Almaty and ACSI Honors Choir and Strings conference in Europe.

Tien Shan has three different sports seasons: Soccer, volleyball, basketball, and in each season, Tien Shan players will compete with other local schools along with the international schools. Each season will consist two or three teams: varsity girls', varsity boys' team, and junior varsity boys'.
August to December
Cross Country
December to March
Track and Field

House Teams
At Tien Shan, there are four different house teams: Abai (red), Zambul (green), Auezov (blue), and Sefulin (yellow). Each new family who enters Tien Shan will be assigned to one of these house teams. Students will receive house points from their teachers when they memorize the given verses for each term and sometimes do outstanding actions. These house points will be added to the total amount of house points each team has. House points can also be earned during an annual event called Sports Day. Sports day is an event when all the students with their family wear their house team colors and compete with each other in running and other fun competitions. The winner of sports day will receive the most amount of house points. The team with the most amount of house points at the end of the year will win first place of the year.

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Fun Annual Events 
At Tien Shan, there are two yearly events: Fall Festival and Spring Sale. Fall Festival is a one-day event that consists of many fun booths along with the air band which is a dance on the stage. Spring Sale is also a one-day event during spring with many fun booths. During Spring Sale, participants can sell old clothes and toys and buy second-hand goods.