Nehemiah Project - The Move
After years of planning, more planning, re-planning, and then months of construction, the school finally moved in January 2012 from Basenova 10A to its new campus on the west side of Almaty where the air is clean and the scenery breathtaking.

This move constituted a new chapter in the school’s history and development. For the first time, the school is in a comfortable, seismically safe, 4000 m² building with space to meet academic needs.

Future Developments
Over the next two years, the school hopes to continue developing the campus by improving the parking lot, inner paths and roads, by building teacher housing and two tennis courts, by further developing the elementary playground, by laying a track around the main grass field, and by building an outdoor basketball court.

Inside the building, the school would like to outfit the auditorium with a sound system, lights, and curtains.

If you would like to support our school in these developments, please reach us through our contact form, or find more details here on how to give.