Philosophy of Education

Our Philosophy of Education

Tien Shan International School operates on the belief that there is absolute truth. We also believe that many people throughout history have discovered and expressed truth in many different ways. Truth need not be spoken or presented by a truth filled person for it to be valid. Nature itself demonstrates and reveals truth. Therefore, truth can be found in all kinds of literature, media, arts, sciences, mathematics, history, etc., and that truth is worth knowing and understanding. Certain areas of knowledge, skills, or activities should not be defined as secular or sacred in and of themselves. Transformational education is about seeking out of truth in everything around us.

We believe that education requires critical thinking, ownership, and decision making on the part of the learner. In order to truly educate students, educators must teach not only Truth but how to actively seek it. Students must then be encouraged and allowed to make decisions about that truth and how they will apply it in their own lives. There is in each discipline a body of knowledge that must be assimilated as well as skills that must be developed in order for students to know and apply the truth as it is demonstrated in that field. Order of operations in math, grammar in language, the steps for scientific inquiry, the history of a particular period, and the laws of physics are all examples of the way truth is demonstrated and may be reflected in different disciplines of study.

Discernment is the product of recognizing/knowing truth and then thinking critically about it in combination with experience. Obedience is the ability to respond to truth. Equipping students to recognize truth and developing their ability to respond to it is the central goal of education.

We believe that the role of the educator is to assist parents in presenting truth and opportunities for students to interact with truth while living in a community so that they are being equipped to seek truth and respond to it and apply it on a daily, minute by minute basis. As educators, we present truth in our areas of expertise while demonstrating, training, organizing, and encouraging students in skill development, critical thinking, and the connecting of truths from many areas to enable them to live effective lives based on truth.

Tien Shan International School believes that each student is valuable and created with purpose. Therefore, as a school we seek to develop each student as a whole person.