Upcoming Staff Openings 

We would love to have you join our school! 

   We are in need of teachers with a heart to serve Third Culture Kids, our community, and the country we live in. Through teaching at Tien Shan, you play an important role in supporting families who are serving in Kazakhstan. You will grow professionally as you apply your skills to mentor and disciple the next generation of transformational leaders. We also welcome student teachers to do their school based placements with us. 

Staffing needs 2022-2023:

Elementary: All Positions Filled

Middle School: ICT Teacher

High School: All Positions Filled

All School: Accountant 

Staffing needs 2023-2024:

Elementary: Homeroom Teacher

Middle School: All Positions Filled

High School: Language Arts, History,  Physics

All School: School Nurse, Human Resource Coordinator, Staff Care and Development 


• Education degree or teaching certificate

• Approved by a sending agency for financial and personal support

• Integrity, Flexibility, Teamwork, Leadership and Humor

• Strong English proficiency

• Classroom experience preferred

• First year teachers may apply 

If you are interested in teaching at Tien Shan International School, please fill out the following form.